02 April 2010

The L.O.S.T.

The Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail is a path spanning the entire 110 mile circumference of the lake that sits atop the its Herbert Hoover dike. Paved in some areas, and gravel in most others, the trail doesn't offer much scenery. The view mostly consists of endless horizon; a vast lake that appears infinite, spotted with occasional trees and radio towers. Although the lake is abundant with wildlife, we weren't fortunate enough to see any gators or snakes - mostly just birds. On and off of the trail, we spent a majority of the ride on major highways paralleling the dike, with some of the most visually appealing landscapes that Florida has to offer; my favorite of which were the countless cattle farms with rolling fields spotted with rock outcroppings, trees and bushes, littered with healthy steer. Not much can be said of the local cuisine, other than I'm happy to be back to my beloved and familiar Philadelphia.

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