24 March 2010


Finally was able to find the Veloflex Pave tires that I've been looking for. Combining the beauty and class of an old gumwall with the versatility of a contemporary puncture-resistant road tire (lined with Kevlar), these rubbers are a must have for any stylish rider. Really, check out World Class Cycles on Long Island for all of your quality wheeling needs. Anyhow, now that I've got the look, I'm riding the old commuter again. Took a long hiatus because the original rear Continental sidewall split and I couldn't find a suitable replacement. The bike is my pride and joy, with custom fenders fresh out of the shop thanks to a one Mr. Vince Colvin. A work-in-progress, the old beat up frame could use some freshening up, I know. To be continued...

(photos courtesy the author)

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