30 July 2009


There was this one time that Julia said she couldn't remember where she had left her favorite raincoat. She lived in a pretty immense house with four other people and, with all the shuffling about and collective carelessness, no one could remember where they'd left their belongings. It was getting late and she knew she had to get going if she was going to make it to the recital in time, so she left without the slicker and (although they were her closest friends) she ended up regretting the fact that she lived with so many irresponsible individuals. When she returned later that night, the raincoat was hanging over the kitchen chair, dripping wet.

[photos courtesy the internet]

28 July 2009


Can't say I care much for cake, that doesn't mean I don't eat it from time to time. As a matter of fact, I can't stand a lot of cake varieties - but I love a good cake stand. Much like us, they come in infinite shapes and sizes, a majority of which (most unlike us) can be described as elegant, crisp and statuesque. The cake represents just the opposite and only stands to serve one purpose (as far as I'm concerned), that is - a means to the creation of its display-case counterpart.

[photos courtesy the internet]

27 July 2009


In search for the perfect ingredients that make up a dream house, all things are coming up Shaker. Perfection, it seems, is found in all those little imperfections riddling hand-made furnishings, tools and functional decor. Shaker goods are lousy with millions of (nearly un-noticable) incongruous blemishes and every piece, no matter how similar by appearance, is absolutely unique.

[photos courtesy willis henry]

23 July 2009


I'm hanging on to two shitty Volvo 240 station wagons for not other reason than out of sheer laziness. They are of infinite sentimental value, nothing that can't be remembered through photographs and old CD's. I want to get rid of them, but can't bring myself to do it. Do I sell them as scrap for their intrinsic value? Do I donate them to charity? (They would probably be considered more of an inconvenience than a blessing.) Do I put aside monies from each paycheck until I have a pile of $1600 to fix them both? It's probably best to let them rot in my backyard - they do provide a beautiful backdrop to my roommates' urban garden.


[photos courtesy hall of crystals]


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