29 November 2010

Pimp MY Bike

It's been a while and I've come to realize that this blogging thing isn't for everyone. My internet laziness has reached its peak and I've nearly forgotten that I'd ever tried to keep this thing updated in the past. It started strong and now it's lost with all of the other millions of lazy blogs. That being said, here's a look at my new and totally awesome bike rack, available through Rivendell Bikes. For those of you whose forks do not have eyelets for mounting front end racks, this particular one comes with the hardware to mount it on your front wheel's skewer. It's great for hauling flowers home from the market for your holiday tablescapes. HA!

In addition, I highly recommend purchasing one of L.L. Bean's custom tote bags for daily use in the rack. The extra-large is a perfect fit and with all of the color combination possibilities, you can tailor a sturdy bag to match any bike.

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