14 September 2009


A visually appealing indoor houseplant, the ficus comes in many shapes and sizes. Somewhat easy to care for, their difficulty lies in the fact that they like to stay put once you place them in that one particular window inside your home. Any attempt to acclimate the ficus to a new environment will be met with (what seems to be) certain death to said beloved plant. One, in particular, has been with us for nine years and has traveled with us successfully and healthily through six houses. Currently, Fieky appears to be suffering from an unknown affliction, one we decidedly attribute to loneliness. Although it's constantly accompanied by a close friend of seven years (schefflera), I fear the lack of human interaction has left this ficus fig to suffer a grueling depression. Falling leaves and weeping branches. There is no lack of food. There is no lack of water. There is no lack of sunlight. There is only the newly-uncomfortable and indefinite lack of regular human presence. No more talk radio in the mornings. No more music in the evenings. I fear there may be no helping our long time companion, save for the hiring of a stand-in to act regularly as we had in years past.

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