10 August 2009


The South Philadelphia Boat Show was a great success. Many trend-setting folks came out to enjoy the company of other trend-setters in an attempt to celebrate contemporary art and (in this case) its sea-faring theme. There were actual boats, sculptures of boats, photos of boats, paintings & drawings of boats, seashells, sand, really shitty paintings of boats, really shitty interpretations of what one might see from a boat, and more really shitty renderings of shitty things you might not ever even associate with a boat. More than one third of the time, contemporary art is really just a big shit pile. It can be nice to see what we consider "skilled artistic craft" juxtaposed with lazy (obviously unskilled) thrown-together-found-object-shit-pile works because who's to really say what's better than the other? After all, "outsider art" is all the rage these days, right?

[photos courtesy the internet]

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