29 November 2010

Pimp MY Bike

It's been a while and I've come to realize that this blogging thing isn't for everyone. My internet laziness has reached its peak and I've nearly forgotten that I'd ever tried to keep this thing updated in the past. It started strong and now it's lost with all of the other millions of lazy blogs. That being said, here's a look at my new and totally awesome bike rack, available through Rivendell Bikes. For those of you whose forks do not have eyelets for mounting front end racks, this particular one comes with the hardware to mount it on your front wheel's skewer. It's great for hauling flowers home from the market for your holiday tablescapes. HA!

In addition, I highly recommend purchasing one of L.L. Bean's custom tote bags for daily use in the rack. The extra-large is a perfect fit and with all of the color combination possibilities, you can tailor a sturdy bag to match any bike.

09 April 2010


The latest look for this spring: a TACO. Eveyone's got their hands on a sporty one, a sexy one, and there's even a taco for those more casual folks. Colorful and exciting, a taco looks great on anyone. Get yours today!

02 April 2010

The L.O.S.T.

The Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail is a path spanning the entire 110 mile circumference of the lake that sits atop the its Herbert Hoover dike. Paved in some areas, and gravel in most others, the trail doesn't offer much scenery. The view mostly consists of endless horizon; a vast lake that appears infinite, spotted with occasional trees and radio towers. Although the lake is abundant with wildlife, we weren't fortunate enough to see any gators or snakes - mostly just birds. On and off of the trail, we spent a majority of the ride on major highways paralleling the dike, with some of the most visually appealing landscapes that Florida has to offer; my favorite of which were the countless cattle farms with rolling fields spotted with rock outcroppings, trees and bushes, littered with healthy steer. Not much can be said of the local cuisine, other than I'm happy to be back to my beloved and familiar Philadelphia.

24 March 2010


Finally was able to find the Veloflex Pave tires that I've been looking for. Combining the beauty and class of an old gumwall with the versatility of a contemporary puncture-resistant road tire (lined with Kevlar), these rubbers are a must have for any stylish rider. Really, check out World Class Cycles on Long Island for all of your quality wheeling needs. Anyhow, now that I've got the look, I'm riding the old commuter again. Took a long hiatus because the original rear Continental sidewall split and I couldn't find a suitable replacement. The bike is my pride and joy, with custom fenders fresh out of the shop thanks to a one Mr. Vince Colvin. A work-in-progress, the old beat up frame could use some freshening up, I know. To be continued...

(photos courtesy the author)